Story Time

Reading is fundamental...

One of our goals with kido is to help foster a stronger community of parents in our neighborhood and on the SouthSide in general. After having our son, I realized the importance of making new friends with children of his age group. 

Kido is a reflection of our values as parents. We find a few things to be very important in the raising of our sons. Reading, the Arts, Knowledge/Love of Self, Imagination, and Friendship are some at the top of our list. When we were approached about co-hosting a monthly story hour, it was a no-brainer! Reading is so important to the development of the young mind. And a story hour is the perfect opportunity for the kids and parents to make new friends. Kido, Bing Reading Room, 57th Street Books, and the Seminary Co-op have partnered for Story Time on the last Sunday of each month. We've had two so far, and the space has been full! We offer complimentary beverages, and we sell books and kido gear. Please join us for the next gathering! Info can always be found on our social media pages: Instagram and Facebook - @kidochicago

xoxo Keewa

Keewa Nurullah