Thoughts on Motherhood

Our little guy turned one recently, and it's funny how things change with a bit of perspective...

Today I visited with a friend who's little one is fresh out of the oven, about 5 or 6 weeks old. Seeing them made me remember that precious time after birth. Giving everything of yourself, so that this tiny little person can get off on the right foot. Giving everything, so you're a bit of a mess! No time or energy to get your hair done, or clip your nails, or take a shower! It's definitely a long process, getting back to feeling like your old self.

After giving birth, you're in a state of limbo for a while. You're no longer with child, but you're still wearing maternity clothes. It's not safe to start working out, so you're in a body that feels unfamiliar. I was totally unenthusiastic about going out, because none of my clothes really fit. And I was totally unenthusiastic about shopping for new clothes, because I wasn't back in my old body yet and totally feeling insecure. So what did I do? While the baby slept and slept and slept, I browsed online and shopped for my cute little guy and his cute little body! This was when my kido ideas started brewing. 

After surviving those first few months post partum, a lot of women feel like they can do anything - myself included. There's a strength that just didn't exist before. This strength gave me the confidence to start a business just as my energetic boy was learning to walk. What was I thinking?? LOL. I shared these thoughts with my friend. I know that she will come out of the fog with a new sense of self and unwavering determination. Though I'm definitely not in the clear (the challenges of motherhood are never-ending), I'm grateful for this perspective. To all the new mothers out there - You Can Do It!!!

xoxo Keewa


Keewa Nurullah