Truly Triplets!

Ever since we started kido, I think about it all the time! New designs, marketing strategies, product photography - you name it. Even when we're grocery shopping, if I see a toddler in a cart, I'm handing their mom or dad a card and telling them to check us out. Recently, I came across an Instagram account that melted my heart. Bailey, Beau, and Brook are triplet girls who live in Pennsylvania with their Mom, Dad, and big brother. I was captivated by their wide smiles and twinkly eyes, and I just knew I had to get them in our stuff! Knowing the challenges (emotional, physical, and financial) of motherhood, I have so much respect and admiration for their mom. It's great to look at their account (@truly_triplets) and see complete strangers cheering her on and sending the girls love. Just a few days ago, the Truly Triplets posted pictures in CAGED BIRD onesies I sent them, and I just about died! They looked Truly adorable, and, because they have over 24K followers, we started getting followers and orders from people who want their little ones to be just as cute! Check the girls out below, and order your CAGED BIRD onesie, ruffle tee, or adult tee today!

xoxo Keewa

Keewa Nurullah