Precious Moments

It all happens so fast...

This week we had two major milestones with the baby! On Sunday, the boy experienced his first snow. He was born in the winter, but our last one was light on snow (thankfully). He was brand new, so, of course, we had him indoors most of the time. This year, he is beginning to take on so many adorable qualities as he becomes more aware of his surroundings. He watched the snow fall, and I could see his eyes following the flakes and his mind working hard to process the new experience. It was so funny to watch! I'm sure next year will be even better. He'll be walking and talking, and we will have to drag him inside! The next day, seemingly out of nowhere, the little nugget gathers the courage to let go and step step step step!! I was so excited and proud! I'm sure our neighbors could hear me screaming. While I know that our lives will get crazier with his increased mobility, I was so grateful to witness this special moment. Me and Doug cheered him on, and, after he plopped down, he looked at us as if he knew he just did something amazing. What a joy! Happy holidays everyone. I hope you are having special family moments of your own, to remember years from now. xoxo Keewa

Keewa Nurullah