DIY life

They say if you want to get something done, then you have to do it yourself. 

I have a charming baby boy who, for the first 6 months of his life, had a pretty bad case of acid reflux. Poor guy! He would go through 10 bibs a day, and there were at least 3 outfit changes for baby and mommy. During this time, I kept one foot in the laundry room and one hand on the computer, ordering clothes to replace his soiled duds. I quickly came to realize that the internet shopping universe had a pretty lame idea of what babies should wear. Boring color combinations. Mature, sometimes vulgar, catch phrases. Where were the colorful and clever clothes I wanted for my little cherub? Enter kido.

We are Kiwi and Doug. kido. We create what we want to see. Positive images. Positive messages. On quality clothing befitting to the innocent ones who wear them.  

As we approach the new year, kido will be releasing several designs for babies and toddlers. One at a time, in very limited quantities. The first item in the collection is dedicated to a Chicago legend. We called him 'SWEETNESS', and he captured the heart of the city and the nation. The perfect addition for the sweet little Bears fan in your life. Available in short sleeve (orange and white) and long sleeve (heather gray) fine jersey cotton, this super soft and comfortable fun-zee is sure to be a hit during football season!

Keewa Nurullah